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Real estate, wills and inheritances


Law firm Efrat Levy – Izhari Co. is a law firm that deals in real estate in Netanya, real estate and wills and inheritances and provides service to residential and business customers in the Netanya and Sharon area.

We provide our customers a complete service package with all required legal services – writing contracts, agreements and initiatives, representation in court, objections, registration rights and other activities.

The firm specializes in all aspects of real estate including planning and construction law, real estate and banking, representing contractors in combination, performing sold to the buyers, better tax planning, income-producing real estate transactions, purchases, auctions, land and residential construction (including buildings Luxury), commercial real estate (including malls), plan 38, combination transactions and sharing, full of care renowned corporations and other areas. 

In addition, the firm in the areas of wills and inheritances.

Our firm provides consulting services to its clients and professional and caring representation to serve each customer in a professional and personal and family atmosphere.

Office atmosphere is informal and casual yet carefully managed firm, accuracy and professionalism.

The firm was founded by attorney Efrat Levy – Izhari, who earn bachelor's degree with honors in Law (LLB) and an MBA – Specialization in Finance (MBA).

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5 Stampfer St. - Netanya
Phone: +972-9-7737336
Fax: +972-9-7737339
Email: office@lviz.co.il
Direct Email to Efrat: efrat@lviz.co.il
Local England Number: +44-203-769-7736
Local South Africa Number: +27-1156-82303
The first meeting is without obligation.
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